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Product Information

ANTI-STRESS FORMULA - A comprehensive formula to control stress.

BIO-BASIC™ - Complete basic nutritional program powdered drink (Contains dietary fiber, detoxifiers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fruit and vegetable concentrates, super green algae, phytonutrients, herbal concentrates, enzymes, acidophilus).

BONE BUILDER™ - Improves calcium absorption and utilization.

BRAIN FORMULA™ - Improves mental alertness and memory.

CALMAG PLUS™ - Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Trace Minerals, and more.

CAT'S CLAW PLUS™ - "The Big Kahauna" of Cat's Claw Products. Nutritional support for the immune system.

CIRCULATION FORMULA™ - Nutritional support for circulation.

COLLOIDAL SILVER™ - All natural silver solution.

COLON FORMULA™ - Natural fiber and herbs to help promote good colon hygiene by cleansing the lower intestine and colon.

CO-Q-10 PLUS™ - Fantastic Antioxidant - helps provide increased energy.

DIGESTIVE FORMULA™ - A two-phase buffered enzyme based formula that supplements the biological digestive juices of the stomach and intestine.

DNA-IMMUNE™ - Incorporates the latest scientific technology to support healthy immune function and provide valuable protection to DNA.

ENDOCRYN™ DHEA - Endocryn DHEA now contains 30mg of pure DHEA along with the herbal precursors to give your body maximum benefit. Proper DHEA levels ensure energy , vitality and support of the functions involving the endocrine system.

EPA PLUS™ - Dietary source of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

EYE FORMULA™ - Eyebright Herb and other nutrients for supporting healthy eye tissues.

FEMININE BALANCE™ - Menopause nutritional support.

FUSIONS RED™ - Ultra Concentrated Fruit Blend for Healthy Joint Support.

HEART-FORMULA™ - Nutrients to support the heart and circulatory system.

JOINT FORMULA™ - Provides specific nutritional support for the joints.

LUNG FORMULA™ - Vitamin, herbal formula for supporting healthy lung tissues.

LYPRINEX™ - Nutritional support for the joints.

MICRO-MINS™ - Plant derived colloidal minerals in capsule form.

MSM PLUS™ - An important source of dietary sulfur.

OMEGOLD™ - Proprietary Omega-3 Oil Blend Rich in DHA and EPA.

PARACLEANSE™ - Herbal cleanser.

PROANTHENOLS BIO-COMPLEX™ - Antioxidant, free radical scavenger. Proanthenol polymer - the most potent antioxidant known to man, up to fifty times more potent than vitamin E - twenty times more potent than vitamin C.

PROSTATE FORMULA™ - Saw Palmetto herb formula supporting healthy prostate tissue.

SOMAZYME™ - Active enzymes - supportive nutrients, bio-cultures, stabilizers, activators and anti-inhibitors for the whole body.

TVM PLUS™ - An "Iron free" broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement that contains at least 200% of the RDA's of all the classified vitamins.

VITA-C-PLUS TR™ - Vitamin C plus a wide range of natural bioflavonoids.

VITA-E-COMPLEX™ - Natural water soluble vitamin E.

VITA-SAURUS™ - A natural flavored, good tasting, chewable, multiple vitamin and mineral supplement for children.

WONDER GEL™ - WONDER GEL is a fast acting, pain relieving, deep penetrating gel that is applied topically for the relief of aches and pains.

XTRA ANTIOXIDANTS™ - Broad spectrum antioxidant.

YUMMIES™ - A natural flavored, good tasting, chewable gummy bear, multiple vitamin and mineral supplement for children.

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